BOP: blog oriented publishing

BOP is Blog Oriented Publishing -- a database-backed Perl-based content management system designed to output static pages on a local system, which can then be uploaded to a remote server.

Currently, BOP is in a very early alpha state. The 0.0.5 release only supports editing and publishing of standard HTML pages. Later releases will have support for typical 'weblog' pages, with multiple entries per page, organized by date or category. Additionally, I plan to add support for link glossaries, auto-publishing of changed pages, auto-upload of published pages, evaluation of Perl embedded in pages during publication, and several other features.

If you'd like to help out, download the 0.0.5 tarball, or get the latest CVS sources from the BOP repository on Sourceforge. Play around with it, and submit bugs, ideas, or any other type of feedback to

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